Straight guy turned gay in the dick dorm

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It happens in the dick dorm all the time, and this cute guy is only one of many straight college guys tricked in gay acts. He got down on his knees to pose for the camera when suddenly his friend pulled out his cock and shoved it deep down his throat. The poor fella almost choked and puked all over his friend’s penis… But, he liked it, so he continued to suck his pecker… He got tricked in gay acts, but he didn’t complain, because he loved the taste. Straight college guys from the dick dorm enjoy these gay games!

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Sexy straight college guy got his cock sucked

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This handsome curly haired twink invited his straight college guys over to his place, and they got tricked in gay acts in the dick dorm. That’s what goes on in that place, and that’s why it is called the Dick Dorm! They had a lot of fun, and before you know it, this guy got down on his knees and began sucking his friend’s penis in front of other straight college guys who couldn’t believe what they are seeing. It looks like their friend got tricked in gay acts, but he didn’t complain.

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Wild straight guys tricked in cock sucking

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Last night in the dick dorm, these straight college guys got tricked in gay acts, and the next morning they felt like the cheapest whores, but at the same time they liked it. The fact that a lot of guys are asking you to suck some stranger’s penis made their cocks hard.

They loved to watch poor big boys on their knees, tricked in gay acts. These straight college guys thought it is all just a dick dorm game, but soon they found out that they are about to suck some guy’s dick!

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The best straight college guy game ever

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After a lot of fun, straight college guys got tricked in gay acts in the dick dorm. They took off their clothes, got down on their knees, and began giving sloppy blowjobs to complete strangers. One of them even puked all over this guy’s big shaved balls, but he continued deepthroating his pecker. The next morning, these straight college guys didn’t even remember that they were tricked in gay acts, but they noticed something strange happened last night in the dick dorm because there was this awful smell in their mouth. It smelled like sperm…

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Straight guys tricked in “Who sucks my cock?” game

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“Who sucks my cock?” is the name of the game straight college guys from the dick dorm love to play, but with girls. They got tricked in gay acts, because they were blindfolded and there was no way they can see which girl is sucking their cocks… But, the problem was girls were not even in the dick dorm room. These straight college guys got tricked in gay acts and they loved it so much. In the end, they all came hard, and when they realized that actually guys sucked their cocks, they felt terrible…

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