Straight college guy sucking a cock for the first time

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These straight college guys love to bet in the dick dorm, and this time it was a huge bet between these two guys. The loser was asked to do whatever the winner wants him to do, so this fella had to get down on his knees. He was about to get tricked in gay acts… His friend pulled out his cock and told him to suck it. There were a lot of straight college guys in the dick dorm, and they were all watching him deepthroating a big dick. That was the first time he got tricked in gay acts.

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Straight guy sucking his first cock

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He was one of those straight college guys who never even dreamt about being tricked in gay acts in the dick dorm, but it happened. This dude got so horny that he got naked, kneeled in front of his friend and asked him if he can give him a blowjob. He was just kidding, but the problem was that his friend was actually gay, and he decided to let one of the straight college guys give him a blowjob in the dick dorm room. The poor guy with sunglasses got tricked in gay acts and got his face cum covered.

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Straight college guy first time ass fucked

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Before they come to the dick dorm, almost all fellas are straight college guys, but usually on those crazy parties some of them get tricked in gay acts and end up with a long penis in their buttholes. This white twink couldn’t resist his friend’s charm, so he spread his legs and let him fuck his rectum as hard as he can. Gay guys love straight college guys because they are so easy to get tricked in gay acts. It looks like they are hesitating, but they all want to get screwed in the dick dorm.

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Straight guys and gay party

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The dick dorm is the place where straight college guys were tricked in gay acts. One of them had a sex doll and he was carrying it all over the dick dorm and showing it off to other straight college guys. They were totally horny, and he took the chance and tricked them in gay acts. This tricky fella pulled out his throbbing shaft and told them to open their mouths and close their eyes because they are about to suck the doll’s nipples, but instead he shoved his cock down their throats.

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Scared straight college guy forced to let them suck

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In the dick dorm, straight college guys often get tricked in gay acts, and sometimes, like in this white guy’s case, they love it. He got blindfolded and tied to a chair, and he didn’t even know whose cock he is sucking, but he knew one thing – that his penis is getting hard as well. He was one of those straight college guys who didn’t want to get tricked in gay acts, but it happened and there was nothing he could do, except to enjoy the dick dorm action and have fun.

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